Business Development Tips: What is Search Volume?

‘Search volume’ refers the number searches that occur for a particular search during a specified time such as one month. There are a variety of web analytics tools available that demonstrate search volume. Google has introduced a beta version of such a tool called Google Insights, which is being developed to help AdWords advertisers determine which of their text ads resonate best with their target audience groups.

Google Insights helps you to compare search volume patterns across:

Categories: like finance, health, sports or others

Seasons: spring, summer, winter and fall – when does interest in what you offer pick up or slow down typically? Geographic Distribution: know in what regions and cities you can find customers interested in what you offer

Google Properties: learn which of Google’s search properties searchers interested in what you offer are using to find you

‘Keyword research and development’ is an important first step for any search engine marketing initiative, including search engine optimization and programs like AdWords. Search volume is one of the many considerations when selecting the terms and phrases that will be the basis of the campaign.

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