Why I started blogging…

Welcome to DeMicco.com!

It’s 4th Qtr 2008, and though this blog is rather new in comparison to others (I have thought about dedicating time to this venture for several years now), I hope it rapidly becomes a valuable resource for readers. Joe DeMicco The posts in this site will most likely be focused on developing, managing and marketing your company and its online presence, and using technology to proactively address sales challenges and overcoming them.  My companies do a great deal of work in these areas for small to mid-size firms in various market segments internationally and I am looking forward to discussing topics that appeal to the owners / directors of firms that fit this demographic.

My goal is to cover topics in a manner that will allow business owners and managers to get educated and motivated to take action on business objectives that they probably have already thought about, but more often then not, have taken a back seat to other business issues at hand or set aside as it seemed (at the time) too daunting a task.

If post something in this blog that you find helpful as you build and manage your web presence and/or marketing initiatives that’s wonderful. I have been very fortunate in that I have worked with some great people on some great projects and now I look forward to discussing some of the challenges I have seen overcome that (in part or whole) may offer readers some guidance, or at the very least stimulate a thought process that may push them closer to a successful venture.

Please bear in mind that: This is my personal blog.

The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and are meant to serve as a platform for thought or discussion, not as recommendations for your specific project or challenge.

If something is worth doing it’s worth doing right. With that I would say that any marketing or website endeavor should be looked at specifically as it relates to your business, objectives and marketplace.


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