New World Marketing for Small Business Development

478945875Marketing your small business is no longer about pushing messages about your products and services to your targeted buyers. The new world of marketing is about developing your business and helping it to grow by knowing everything you can about your targeted buyer personas (you can read about buyer personas in my article “What every small business owner needs to know about Buyer Personas“) and focusing on their current interests. This new world of marketing is called “inbound marketing” because the objective is to pull in prospective and existing buyers by delivering relevant content that aligns with their current interests and intent.

In today’s buyer-driven market, prospects choose where, when, and what content they engage with. The goal is to develop long-term relationships with your buyers built on quality and trust by delivering a steady stream of relevant content in places you know they go for information. This approach gets you closer to prospects and customers by letting them know that you understand their need and can deliver what they want.

Although interruptive advertising campaigns that push products and services still have their place in your marketing toolkit, they are no longer the most effective strategy for getting new business. Inbound marketing strategies are designed to build and maintain loyal relationships with your targeted buyer personas by delivering content that is meaningful to who they are and what they are looking to do today.

Look for future articles about inbound marketing strategies.