Local Marketing Online: Part 1: Intro

Local marketing has become one of the most powerful ways to reach and convert customers online.  With more than 2.5 billion local searches a month on Google alone, Google has taken notice of this fact and recently initiated a direct marketing campaign in targeted regions throughout the US to promote its local marketing opportunities. The company sent, by FEDEX, to select businesses a white box containing brochures and offers about the benefits of Google Places and the company’s online advertising programs.

Google is smart. They’re taking advantage of the trend and so should you.  Why? Because local searches are easier and less costly to convert as prospects are typically further along in the buying cycle. The key is making sure:

  • You can be easily found by your targeted audience groups
  • They can trust you because others have said so
  • You deliver the right message at the right time
  • They can easily contact you or visit your location
  • You’re easily identified online as an ‘authority’ for what you offer
  • You follow up in an appropriate manner with the appropriate communications
  • You deliver on what you promise, and maybe a little extra!

In this eight part series I will explain the multiple facets of local marketing online and how its various components are now cross-referenced by the search engines to determine an ‘authority score’ which affects web page rankings. This multi-part series will cover:

  1. Web & Map Listings
  2. Google Places
  3. Search & Social Media
  4. City Sites, Reviews & Recommendations
  5. Share Your Content
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Pay Per Click Integration
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Optimized Web Design
  10. Tracking & Reporting

Look for Part 2: Web & Map Listings, where you will learn about Google Places, web directories, maps, and the importance of claiming your online listings.

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2 thoughts on “Local Marketing Online: Part 1: Intro

  1. Build your relationship to grow your local business – for reach and convert customers online.
    Follow these steps:
    1. Figure out the best places to network
    2. Make a Plan
    3. Dress for success
    4. Attend events with a member who will introduce you
    5. Don’t hang out with the people you know
    6. Have plenty of business cards with you
    7. Build Relationships – don’t sell
    8. Be prepared with a great answer to “What do you do?”
    9. Ask what type of leads they are looking for?
    10. Follow Up

    Networking is useless if you don’t do any follow up.

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