Free to Low Cost Business and Communication Tools: Part 5:

Free conference calling without having to make a reservation is the marquee service of The service requires you register with your name and email address to receive your free dedicated dial-in number and access code. The company actually offers a number of conferencing services, each with slight variations on the same theme, with just a few that carry charges.

The hallmark service accommodates 96 callers at a time for up to 6 hours (long distance charges may apply) and you can use the service as often as you like. Each account also comes with free call recording, with easy online retrieval via a telephone or the web. Only the most recent call is stored so if you intend on archiving it you will have to login to your account and download it to your desktop before you record your next conference call or you will record over it. recording account includes:

  • Free, dedicated phone number and access code
  • Immediate access without a reservation
  • Free conference call recording, playback and download features
  • Detailed report via email after every call
  • Up to 96 callers
  • 6 hr call time max.
  • Online account management tools
  • includes Web Controls that allow you to manage and monitor your call in real time via your PC or laptop; as the host you are able to view all participants on the conference call, and access features like recording, muting, conference lock, caller blocking, dropping anonymous callers, and Q&A session with just a click of your mouse.


Easy to use free service that is available as often as you need it anytime, anywhere 24/7. This service is especially useful for getting together staff or clients that are in different locations for quick, impromptu meetings.


Maybe not the best choice for a sales presentation or product demonstration because it lacks the visual element offered by Glance (link to your series post) or Adobe ConnectNow (link to your series post), but great to use if you just need to clarify a detail or two to get a project or sale moving along.