Free to Low Cost Business and Communication Tools: Part 4: Glance

In Part 3, I introduced you to the Adobe ConnectNow free web conferencing service.  For those of you looking for another robust, low cost web conferencing solution, Glance is a great option.

Offering you the ability to share your screen with up to 100 invitees for web demos, sales presentations, online meetings, online training, remote support, or webinars, Glance is easily launched with a single click within Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers. The Host technology is compatible with Microsoft Windows® Vista/XP/2000/Me/98 or Mac® OS version 10.3.9 or above. Guests can be using Windows, Mac or Linux to participate.

Once you download the free application and set-up your personalized url there are a number of customization features available to you. For a one-time $199 set-up fee, you can have the pages your guests see when they join and leave the Glance sessions customized with your corporate branding or the look and feel of your corporate website. You can even include a call-to-action with a live link to your website. Conversely, you can place a link from your website to your personalized Glance url. To sign-in, both the host and the invitees go to the personalized url and sign in using the 4-digit keycode.

Glance’s many features include:

  • Live screen sharing: Guests see your whole screen (PC or Mac) updated live.
  • Up to 100 guests: Use Glance for web demos, presentations, webinars, training, and more. Guests always connect for free.
  • Remote control: Share your mouse and keyboard with guests. Together you can co-edit documents, collaborate on designs or test drive applications.
  • Friendly reverse screen sharing: Perfect for remote tech support and training. Lets you see or control your guest’s PC.  Auto-uninstalls after session ends.
  • Free phone conferencing: Free audio conferencing service for up to 100 participants for 3 hours at a time. Can be used anytime with or without Glance.  Everyone phones a provided U.S. long distance number.
  • View with no install: Guests join Glance session quickly, right from their browser, with no long download or complicated install.  To ensure they always connect, Glance uses multiple types of viewers and automatically chooses the best for each guest.
  • Instant one-click sessions: Start a session anytime with just a click. No need to arrange ahead of time.
  • Automatic resizing: Guests see your whole screen, whatever their screen resolution. They can zoom in when needed.
  • Firewall friendly: Works with existing firewall settings, without compromising security.


A very reliable service, Glance’s unique StreamShapingTM technology allows guests to connect at different speeds without compromising the service, allowing each guest to see screen updates as fast as their own connection permits and ensuring no one falls behind due to poor connection speed. Flexible pricing starts at a very reasonable $49.95/month (or $499/year) appropriate for individuals and small businesses. You can even purchase an unlimited day pass for $9.95.


Long distance charges may apply when using the teleconferencing call-in number. (I have not used it and I have used Glance for several years now).

As with any web-based service, viewing performance will be affected by download speed and hosting performance by upload speed. Optimal upload/download speeds of 500+ kbps offer the greatest performance for hosting and viewing. Less than 200 kbps will definitely adversely affect performance. You can use this tool to conduct a quick speedtest for upload and download performance.

Remember that the person watching will not see the page refresh as quickly as you do so pause and confirm they are on the same page with you whilt presenting.

Additionally, pretty much forget about presenting video or Flash animations as they will suffer quality wise.