Facebook & Google Plus: Which Do YOU Think is Better?

So the battle has begun and there are ALOT of opinions as to what Google’s Social network Google + will do to FaceBook.  I happen to be very “Pro-Google”, and though I have seen many of their products come and go over the years, I am particularly impressed by some of the things built into the initial launch of Google Plus.

Now on a personal level I know that FaceBook is, and probably will remain for quite some time, the main player in the areas where they shine as far as social sharing.  I also know that for the next few months it will be normal for users of FaceBook to defend (to the bitter end) why FaceBook is so great and how some of the things Google Plus is being recognized for may be “simple UI enhancements” that FaceBook could easily do to remain on top.

After using Google+, I have already found several things  I plan on leveraging daily.
Especially Google Circles and Google+ Hangout.

I will be delving into these tools and their usage personally, and professionally, in future posts. Right now, I’m more interested in YOUR take-aways.

Let the battle rage on!

In the end, it’s for our (the users) benefit right?  Or maybe it’s all about the data gathered and advertising opportunities.  Who knows for sure.