10 Free or Low Cost Business Resources

The exact moment purple shirt realized these things really are free.

If you’ve been following along for the past few months, you have been reading my take on some free or low cost tools just sitting out there on the Internet waiting for you to take advantage of them. Not everything is a fit for every business person, but I can’t imagine someone could not find anything that might help them out.  And to be as helpful as possible, I’m linking you to the resource itself as well as the demicco.com review. Now get out there and save!

  1. Google Docs (online document alternative)- Official Site
  2. Skype (save money on phone bills) – Official Site
  3. Adobe Acrobat Connect Now (free screensharing) – Official Site
  4. Glance (low cost multiple user screen sharing) – Official Site
  5. Freeconferencecall.com (just like it sounds!) – Official Site
  6. Google Voice (keep your numbers together) – Official Site
  7. Google Buzz (free public relations and branding) – Official Site
  8. Magic Jack (free phone line!) – Official Site
  9. Open Office (free offline document tools) – Official Site
  10. EventBrite (free event management tools) – Official Site

5 thoughts on “10 Free or Low Cost Business Resources

  1. I use most of these already, but Glance is one I have been looking for with a day pass available. I reposted it on my blog since you made it easy, then it won’t get lost.

  2. Excellent site and ideas for low cost advertising. I only had one of these bookmarked, now I have them all. Keep up the good work…JB

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