– Make Yourself Feel Artistic! is, hands down, the best free photo editing site on the web.  It’s not the ONLY one, but it is the best.  It’s easy, it’s fast and it is fun.  Fun?  Yep.  It’s fun, and I’ll show you why.

Now, please note that I am talking about working on your own pictures.  Maybe your dog or something funny you want to send someone.  If you need to have a lot of pictures edited, then hire a professional.  The things I’m going to show you are basic and can make things look nicer when you dump your camera.  It’s not going to help you tweak all the product pictures you have.

OK, so with all the introduction out of the way, let’s see what we can do!

First go to and sign up.  It’s free, and you get 2GB of storage (that’s a lot).  After you have, find a pic you want to work with and upload it.  The controls are easy to follow.

Our Example - the Library of Congress

OK so that version of the pic is pretty boring  (also, I know I didn’t use a picture of a person but despite that keep in mind the tool has red eye removal and other tools to make things look better) so let’s jazz it up a little.

First I’m going to get rid of the sky.  I’ll use the crop tool.

Got rid of the steps, too!

Now, I can’t say this next thing is going to be necessary all the time, but, sometimes when you dump your camera things don’t look right.

OK, so this pic didn't need to be rotated, but you can if your pics do!

Finally (and I don’t know how many times this has happened to me) you decide you want to pretend you painted the picture instead of taking it with your camera.  Well, has you covered there, too.

Make sure you learn some things to say about painting since everyone will think you are a famous painter!

So that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the features available on this website.  I didn’t even get to the “Style Match” feature, that lets you apply a stock look and feel to your pics.  It’s a fun tool, and can make your party pics and vacation snapshots look good.  Oh, and of course, sharing to Facebook is a snap.  Give it a try!

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