Business Development Tip to Optimize for Google Preview – It may be time for a website facelift

Google’s new Instant Preview feature allows users to click on a magnifying glass icon to get a screen shot of the web page associated with the search result link being displayed. With instant access to the ‘look’ of a website page, Google’s new browser feature has big implications for business website owners.

People, in general, are highly influenced by the way something looks. During a search, the first thing they will look for on the ‘instant preview’ is the item or information they were searching for. Additionally, they will be evaluating whether or not they want to interact with the page. If anything about the way it looks is unappealing, they will not even click through.
The history of culture and societies, never mind the brief history of the internet, tells us that people pass judgment based on the way a person, place or thing looks. Your website isn’t excluded here. That brief snapshot, in that split second,  now represents your entire business!

Here’s a good test to start with to let you know if your web pages need improvement. Have  someone you trust with a critical eye, evaluate your ‘instant previews’ against others on the Google Results page for:
1) First impression
2) Fulfilling expectations (can they see what you said you offer?)
3) Professionalism
5) Experience (does it look pleasurable and inviting?)
With Google’s ‘instant preview,’ first impressions count more than ever before.

Think about it.  If you have done a good enough job to even be found in Google within ranking results your buyers are looking, what a shame it would be to not get a click-through to your site based on the fact that you did not put your best foot forward.  If you’re ranking you have the content, DO NOT let leads / sales slip through your fingers because of poor design!

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