Namechk – Nobody Wants to be Tom23457

*That username has already been taken* is perhaps one of the saddest messages one can ever get when signing up for a new online service.  If yours is taken, then you need to use your backup.  And if THAT is taken, then you are stuck with doing something dumb like changing how you spell it or adding a bunch of numbers to the end.

What are your kids and grand kids going to do when they need usernames?  They will ALL be taken, you know?

NameChk is a neat little tool that will either make you very happy or so mad that you throw your laptop out the window.  It does one thing.  It lets you add your username and it will check 159 different online places to see if your name is taken.  I know what you’re saying: “159 places?  I ONLY HAVE TWITTER!”.  Well, that’s because you didn’t know all these places were around.  I’m not saying you will want to claim your own Etsy shop (unless you make quirky pottery, I don’t know) but wouldn’t you like to know that you could?

Now, what do you do if your name is taken on some places that you want to join?  Well, I can tell you that trying to contact the people who took the names does no good at all.  :(  Sooo you might want to just find a name that nobody has and make THAT your new name.  But don’t pick blueberrymanifesto.  It’s taken on some.  I’m not kidding.

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