Evernote – You’re Gonna Want to Jot This Down

Momentum Monday

Today’s Business Development Tip is another tool that can help you be more efficient in tracking those all-important, but pesky, notes and reminders.

There was a time when Post-its were considered a game changer. The ability to jot down important information and stick them in a place to serve as reminders for a while seemed kind of revolutionary. But with all the things you have to do in a given day, the notes can often pile up and become a mess of things that go unattended.

Add in the fact that when your day may actually have a break in it where you could take action on them, odds are you won’t have your notes with you, and they are suddenly not so helpful.

This is why you should explore Evernote.

Evernote is basically a way for you to keep all of your notes and reminders in one location, even if your location physically changes. Whether you’re accessing it on your desktop, a remote PC or Mac, a tablet, or even your smart phone, the program syncs your information with your devices keeping it all in one centralized location.

So now you know what it is, but what could you use it for?

Evernote is perfect for all of the things you need to do that don’t necessarily fit on your calendar. By inserting notes, creating lists, recording audio, and even taking pictures, all the information you need can literally be at your fingertips.

By simply downloading the free application you open up a multitude of possibilities for your organizational needs. By creating “notebooks” and “notes” within the program, you allow yourself consistent access to all the bits and pieces of information you may want. One way to use it may be to have designated notebooks for each of your clients, and creating related notes for each. You can attach files to your notes and with it’s enhanced features, even add video recordings, or take a picture of something that inspires you. What’s even better is you can even share your notebooks with colleagues, or peers.

While there are other information management tools out there, Evernote allows you access to your information when you need its and with whoever you need to. Thanks to Evernote, you can say goodbye to ruffling through stacks of papers searching for information and having to wait until you get back to the office to get something done, and say hello to instant organization and convenience.

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