YouTube – It’s Not Just Cats

OK, so it DOES have some pretty good cat videos, but it’s good for a whole lot more.  And if your business needs to show anybody anything, there aren’t a lot of scenarios where the video sharing site doesn’t work.

Now, it’s true that not every business has or needs video, but if you have a product you can highlight or demo, a service you can describe, or even commercials you have done before, making sure they are attached to your YouTube channel and linked from your site is a must.

And if you DO have the kind of business that does a lot of custom work or has products that can be demonstrated, seriously consider using videos to tell the story.  You can create an asset that stays with you and a resource you can leverage forever.

A great example of good use of video can be found at RonI Ergonomic Lifters.  They have a lot of products and a lot of ways to configure them.  They are made for video.  And notice that these aren’t Hollywood productions.  They are people getting the job done in a professional manner.

You can do the same, and you can use YouTube to source suppliers as well.  Spend some time looking around for yourself.  Just don’t blame me if you lose a whole day watching cat videos…

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