Why All Marketing Should Be Integrated

Marketing buzzwords come and go, so it’s best not to get caught up in any particular flavor of the week. Some marketing concepts, though, have true staying power.

Integrated marketing is a concept that you’d do well to understand and embrace. Let’s take a look at what it means to integrate your company’s discrete marketing channels and whether it’s even optional in an increasingly competitive economy.

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Google Launches AdWords Paid & Organic Report

Google AdWords Report
Google recently announced a big change in the way it allows business owners to track and analyze their inbound site traffic. As you’ll recall, the incidence of “(not provided)” keyword results in Google Analytics has steadily crept up since the end of 2011. This is because Google has chosen to encrypt organic searches and remove all related data from its Analytics platform.

However, it’s still possible to track organic search data through the Google ecosystem. The new “Paid & Organic” report allows AdWords users to track the performance of their paid and organic search campaigns on a side-by-side display. Essentially, this provides business owners with a single source for all the data that they need to analyze and adjust their inbound marketing campaigns.

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Google’s Hummingbird Shift Rewards Relevant Content Marketing Like Never Before

hummingbirdIn a previous post, we discussed Google’s recent transition to fully encrypted organic search. While this change has marketers and business owners reassessing their SEM and SEO game plans, it won’t immediately affect your site’s inbound traffic volumes. Review our discussion of this topic for ideas on how to adjust your marketing efforts to Google’s new encrypted search standards.

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Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: What It Means for Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

cursorsGoogle is always tinkering with its algorithms and tools but the company recently phased in a big change that has millions of marketers and business owners talking: Going forward, 100 percent of all organic Google searches will now be covered by the engine’s secure search feature. While we could probably devote a whole thesis – and then some – to the subject, we want to break down what exactly it means for you.

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Why Business Finds Content Difficult to Do Right

With a Reputable Partner, Content Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

A recent MarketingSherpa survey asked about 2,000 small business owners to rank lead generation tools according to their overall effectiveness and difficulty of implementation. Respondents listed a whole bunch of online lead generation tactics with varying degrees of cost-effectiveness:

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