Momentum Monday- Fences

If you use windows, I am pretty confident that when you first got your computer you thought: “I am going to keep this new computer soooo organized nobody will even believe it!”  And you try, in the beginning.  The million email attachments you get per day get put in their own folders and you are all happy with yourself.

But then one day you are in a hurry and you just save something to the desktop “real quick”.  And then once there is one thing, there will be more.  You don’t know what they are or why they’re there.  There is something called Untitled(1)(2)(3).jpg.  Seven word docs where the first one is called FINAL and the seventh is called FINAL-APPROVED-EDITED-JAN-11-VERSION-To-SEND.doc.

You need help.  We all do.  And I’m here to tell you that Fences will be your deliverance.  Got some icons you want to corral?  Just right click and draw a box around them.  Name it, and BAM, all that stuff is in one spot.  And it will SCROLL within your desktop so you can fit way more junk in it than it looks like it will hold.  So you can make boxes and put all your stuff on them and make your desktop LOOK neat.  It might not make any sense to anyone but you, but you can name the boxes cool sounding things like: “Project Candlestick” and make people wonder what you’re doing.

Or…you could look super organized and just hide all the icons with a click or a button.  That way, you can be as messy as you want but if someone comes over you can be all: “look at my Darth Vader wallpaper that you can actually see because my desktop isn’t messy”.  Then when they leave, boom! back to being an e-hoarder!  Give it a shot!

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