CCleaner – Because you have NO idea what’s on your computer.

Here at Momentum Monday, we pride ourselves on alarming you with problems and then quickly offering you a solution to the problem you didn’t know you had.

But today, we are going to do it backwards.  First, the details on CCleaner!  Installing this low impact application will allow you to perform some pretty significant tasks on your own that will make your computing experience better.  Here’s a quick list (and when to be careful).

  1. Cleanup – you can use the tool to retrieve disk space being clogged up with all sorts of stuff.  You can even get rid of your cookies (though if you do you might end up having to log into sites you usually don’t need to).  The interface is simple and it hits everything at once.
  2. Registry Fixer – this is a level three (we don’t really have levels but this is more advanced) function that can make your computer run more quickly.  The best feature is that it allows you to backup your existing registry before you make the fixes.  If for some reason something goes wrong, tell the IT guy in your office what you did!
  3. Program Remover – this is great if you know what the programs are.  Every printer you ever had probably has something installed on your comp.  And there might be tons of things running every time you start up that you don’t even want.  Be careful with it (if you don’t know what something is, ask IT for help) but you can streamline things pretty well.

So, what’s the scary part?  Well, go ahead and download the program.  Install it and then run it.  It can analyze how much it WOULD delete without actually doing it.  So run it.  And then freak out when you see how much space you are filling up with junk.

Then view the program list to uninstall.  It shows more than the regular windows interface does.  What ARE all those things?  You don’t know.  I don’t know.  Maybe nobody does.  But there they are…

Use CCleaner and clean up the Cra… Well, what did you think the “C” in CCleaner stood for?  :)

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